Study Abroad USAC Thailand: Chiang Mai Julie Whalen

Chiang Mai, Thailand
Off-Campus Program

The Chiang Mai program is the perfect opportunity to live and study in a lively, vibrant city in one of …

Study Abroad USAC Germany: Lüneburg Julie Whalen

Luneburg, Germany
Off-Campus Program

The Lüneburg program is ideal for students interested in learning the German language and focusing on European Studies—specifically Germany’s role …

Study Abroad USAC Costa Rica: San Ramon Julie Whalen

San Ramon, Costa Rica
Off-Campus Program

The San Ramón program is designed for science majors interested in learning more about health, ecology, and conservation biology in …

Study Abroad USAC China: Chengdu Julie Whalen

Chengdu, China
Off-Campus Program

The Chengdu program is ideal for students who are interested in experiencing life in one of the most ancient, culturally …

Study Abroad USAC China: Shanghai Julie Whalen

Shanghai, China
Off-Campus Program

The Shanghai program is ideal for students who are interested in studying the economic and business environment of China and …

Semester in Aix-en-Provence, France Jennifer Lewis

Aix-en-Provence, France
Off-Campus Program

Immerse into French language and culture as you attend class alongside other international students. Choose from a range of elective …

Semester in Ecuador Jennifer Lewis

Quito, Ecuador
Off-Campus Program

The Ecuador Program is designed for students who want to develop and strongly increase their ability to speak, write, read, …

Semester in London, UK Jennifer Lewis

London, United Kingdom
Off-Campus Program

The London Program has a long history at Earlham. The first program took place in 1961 and the program has …

Semester in New Zealand Jennifer Lewis

Whanganui, New Zealand
Off-Campus Program

The New Zealand semester program is an interdisciplinary off-campus opportunity with an emphasis in environmental studies. New Zealand’s unique biogeography …