Off-Campus Supervisors

If you are interested in hiring an Earlham student part-time to work in your organization as part of the Federal Work-Study program, please contact Shayna Sheinfeld at You will need to sign a Federal Work-Study agreement and return it to Shayna. For returning employers, a new agreement must be signed and returned each year.

Additional Information

  • Posting Jobs

    Earlham uses a job posting system called Handshake. To create an account in Handshake, please review the instructions on creating an account.

    Use this handout on posting a job for step-by-step instructions on posting your work-study positions in Handshake.

    *Please Note: When posting your job, pay special attention to the instructions around entering the Departmental Budget code (0311) in the job title, marking “Work Study” for the job posting, entering into the job description that the job is OFF CAMPUS, and choosing how you want the applicant package to come to you.  You may hire multiple students from a single job posting.

  • Hiring New Student Workers

    Please contact Shayna Sheinfeld before making a job offer to a student. Shayna can provide you with the following information:

    • Whether the student is eligible for off campus work study
    • How many hours a week they can work; and
    • If the person’s tax paperwork is complete with Earlham’s payroll office.

    After verifying with Shayna the student’s eligibility, please:

    1. Reach out to the student to offer them the position.
    2. Log in to Handshake to mark the student as “Hired.”

    You will need to mark every student who applies to your job(s) as either Mark as Hired or Mark as Declined. The handout on posting a job provides you with visual information around this step.

    If the student’s tax paperwork is complete (indicating they have previously held a work study job), they are able to start working for you.

    Once you have hired all of the students you need for the semester, please remember to go into Handshake and expire the job posting so students will not continue to apply.

  • Student Pay

    If the student’s tax paperwork is not complete (because they have not previously held an Earlham work-study position), you need to inform them that they cannot start working until they have completed their tax paperwork. Some students cannot complete their tax paperwork until they have been offered a job. You can refer them to the Student Employment page on the Earlham website for information about what documents they will need to present to the Human Resources Office in the basement of Carpenter Hall.

    The student may not begin working until all of their tax paperwork is complete. If they begin working sooner, your agency will be responsible for paying 100% of their wage for the time period until they have completed all of their tax paperwork and are cleared to work.

    You will receive an email from Earlham’s Human Resources Office letting you know when the student is cleared to work (as long as you have clicked Marked as Hired via Handshake).

  • Rehiring Students

    If you are rehiring a student who worked for you previously, please follow these steps:

    1. Contact Shayna at with the student’s name. Shayna will need to check their work-study status again, as this can change each year.
    2. After hearing back from Shayna about the student’s eligibility, you can complete the Rehire Form. You do not need to do anything in Handshake with students you are rehiring.

    *Please Note: When completing the Rehire Form, the hiring department is your agency (e.g., Cope Environmental Center). The supervisor’s name is the person who will sign the student’s biweekly time sheets. The budget code for all off campus positions is 0311.

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