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Employer Recruitment Research


We need your input! Please fill this survey out and help the Employer Relations Team gather this important data to embark on an employer relations recruitment plan to bring more employers to campus, both virtually and in-person. Your responses are …

By Anastasia Mihailov-Flannery
Anastasia Mihailov-Flannery Associate Director of Employer Relations and Internships Anastasia Mihailov-Flannery
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Center for Global and Career Education

Free coding Bootcamp for beginners being offered during winter break! Check out the job posting in Handshake to learn more and apply by November 11th.


Building Rapport with Your Professors

Empty lecture classroom

Your professors can be an enormous part of your team of mentors as you build toward your post-college professional and academic goals. But they can only play that role for you if you develop mentorship relationships with them. This blogger …

By Roger Adkins
Roger Adkins Executive Director, Center for Global and Career Education Roger Adkins
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My Experience: Applying to Internships


Staring at my computer screen, I read over the rejection emails, emails with no response, and Google drive full of resumes and cover letters. Applying and searching for internships was harder than I thought – it was not as simple …

By Angel Robert
Angel Robert Pre-Health Peer Mentor
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Getting the Most Out of Your EPIC Advantage Award

A archery target with three arrows in the bullseye

One of Earlham’s most important, student-centered opportunities for career discernment is the EPIC Advantage: the promise of one, fully funded, career-related experience prior to graduation. We tout that every student may qualify for up to $5000 toward this experience, which …

By Roger Adkins
Roger Adkins Executive Director, Center for Global and Career Education Roger Adkins
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