Learning Goals for Off-Campus Study

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Featured Classes

Border Studies

Program themes The Border Studies Program explores salient topics of our time: transnational migration ​neo-liberal globalization the militarization of policing struggles…

Japan SICE

Prof. Rotating Earlham College Faculty Member
Earlham’s Studies in Cross Cultural Education (SICE) program provides students a unique opportunity to learn about Japan by participating in a…

Semester in Cape Town, South Africa

One of the most distinguishing aspects of life in South Africa is its breathtaking amount of diversity, both in terms…

Semester in Ecuador

The Ecuador Program is designed for students who want to develop and strongly increase their ability to speak, write, read,…

Semester in Environmental Science at Woods Hole

The Semester in Environmental Science is a 15-week fall semester at the Ecosystems Center of the Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole, Massachusetts. The…

Semester in London, UK

The London Program has a long history at Earlham. The first program took place in 1961 and the program has…

Semester in New Zealand

The New Zealand semester program is an interdisciplinary off-campus opportunity with an emphasis in environmental studies. New Zealand’s unique biogeography…

Semester in Spain

The Spain Program is designed for those seeking to develop considerable fluency in Spanish while studying the historical and contemporary…

Tibetan Studies: Global Health, Social Justice, and Tibetan Buddhist Culture in India

Based in Dharamsala, India, this program is designed to offer a unique opportunity to live and study in a rich…

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