The Earlham Internship Program is a structure within the Center for Global and Career Education that supports the practical application of knowledge gained in a classroom to a real-world, professional setting in the form of summer and academic year internships. Students may participate in the program for credit as well as educational and professional support.

Earlham students find challenging and meaningful internships in our local community, in other cities during the summer, and in far-flung places as part of off-campus study programs. These opportunities are available in every field imaginable, from science and health care, to education and social service, to the arts and humanities.

Through the Center for Global and Career Education and the Earlham Internship Program, Earlham students are able to 1) access Earlham’s network of employers who offer internships and jobs and 2) apply for funding for unpaid or underpaid internships.

General program benefits and expectations

  1. Guidance, support, and reflection before the student begins the internship all the way through the completion of their experience.
  2. EPIC 171: Foundations Course
  3. Guided reflection assignments during the internship experience
  4. Presentation of Learning
  5. Course credit after successful completion of the program

Types of Funding

  1. EPIC Advantage Independent Student Experiences Funding
  2. Freeman Foundation Internship Funding
  3. Richmond Residency Internship Funding
  4. Center for Global Health Internship Funding

Important Information

  • Students receiving funding for internships via the CGCE, will automatically be included in the Earlham Internship Program, and are required to enroll in EPIC 171: Foundations before their internship begins. You will have the option to receive 0 or 1 credit for the course.
  • Students receiving funding will also be able to have their experience listed on their transcript and earn credit for the experience either through the EPIC 481 course or through their major academic department. Students who choose to be enrolled in EPIC 481 for 1 credit will be required to complete a few assignments throughout their experience.
  • All students are encouraged to create a poster on their experience and participate in EPIC Expo in the semester after their experience.
  • If you are applying for an international internship, you MUST hold a valid passport that will not expire in the next year. If you do not have a passport, you will need to show proof of application at the time
  • *Please note that funding is provided in the form of a non-service fellowship award which is considered to be taxable income.

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