EPIC Advantage Faculty Led Programs

Each year Earlham faculty have the ability to design exciting and engaging experiences in alignment with their expertise and student interest that allow small groups of faculty and students to travel to destinations around the world in pursuit of knowledge, practical experience, and adventure.

These opportunities are designed to give students real-world research and/or community-building experience that will prepare them for the next leg of their EPIC Journey.


Earlham students who are rising sophomores, rising juniors, rising seniors, and May graduates are eligible for one EPIC Advantage experience. That may be a summer faculty-led research or community project experience. EPIC Advantage Independent Student Experiences have different eligibility requirements.


Students must complete an application, which is available via Terra Dotta. The date that the application opens will be announced at the beginning of each fall semester. After the applications are reviewed, the faculty leader(s) will conduct interviews for the program. Students may apply for one program.

Available Programs

For a full list of available programs please visit the “search for programs” section of Terra Dotta and search for “EPIC Advantage”.

Program Policies

A full list of EPIC Advantage Faculty-Led Program policies can be found in Terra Dotta.

The wrong way to email someone for career advice — and the right way to do it

Do you ever get an email or text message from someone that just rubs you the wrong way? The tone doesn’t feel quite right and you don’t know what to make of it. It’s so easy to misinterpret tone in …

By Lea Staedtler
Lea Staedtler Associate Director of Career Education and Student Employment Lea Staedtler
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PLEASE, Don’t Start Your Grad School Application Your Senior Year!

Reading time: around 5-10 minutes

This post briefly covers where and when you should start with graduate school applications.

It’s 2 AM on a Monday. I can’t sleep. I check my work email (a big no-no for many reasons). The …

By Eboni Stevens
Eboni Stevens Asst. Director of EPIC Communications and Career Coach Eboni Stevens
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Eboni Stevens
By Eboni Stevens
Eboni Stevens Asst. Director of EPIC Communications and Career Coach Eboni Stevens

Amazon web services leader gives advice to people of color in the workforce, “…understand what your superpowers are and make sure you let others know what those powers are as you create your own brand within the organization.”


Getting the Most Out of Your EPIC Advantage Award

One of Earlham’s most important, student-centered opportunities for career discernment is the EPIC Advantage: the promise of one, fully funded, career-related experience prior to graduation. We tout that every student may qualify for up to $5000 toward this experience, which …

By Roger Adkins
Roger Adkins Executive Director, Center for Global and Career Education Roger Adkins
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Featured Classes

EPIC 171: Professional Foundations

Caroline Wagner
The Professional Foundations course is a required pre-departure course for students participating in Earlham-funded summer internships and independent student experiences…

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