Your EPIC Journey Begins at the CGCE!

The Earlham Program for an Integrated Curriculum (or EPIC) is a four-year journey through the liberal arts that integrates the academic major with transformative learning experiences to prepare students exceptionally well for life beyond Earlham.

These journeys include variable combinations of research, off-campus study, internships and leadership development. Your individualized version is your EPIC journey.

Plan Your EPIC Journey

Explore                                                                                                             know yourself

My EPIC Goals What are your big goals and dreams? What would you do if there were no obstacles in your way? Reflect and brainstorm, and come back to this often for inspiration, updates, or to make changes.
My Strengths & Values Take assessments like StrengthsFinder ( and PathwayU ( by visiting these websites and creating accounts with your Earlham email address. What are your top strengths? What do you value most in your life and work?
My Passion Project Log in to Earlham Engage at to explore local volunteer needs. What issue are you most passionate about?

Experience                                                                                                   act on your calling

My Career Communities Select up to three Career Communities you’re interested in and join by completing the Career Interest Survey in Handshake. Start attending events related to your chosen Communities.
My Internship Goals Identify your internship goals. Is there a particular organization you want to work with? A specific cause? Where in the world do you want to intern? When do you want to do an internship?
My Student Employment Goals Log in to Handshake at and identify 2-3 student jobs you’d like to apply for now or in the future.
My Research Goals If you are interested in participating in faculty-student research, talk to your academic adviser and identify an upcoming opportunity you plan to apply for.
My Student Organization Interests Visit and identify 1-2 student organizations you’d like to join this year.
My Off-Campus Study Interests Visit the program finder in Terra Dotta and rank the top three programs you’d like to participate in, as well as the semester and year you would do them

Extend                                                                                                           lead with courage and compassion 

My Leadership Goals Identify one way you hope to demonstrate leadership—for example, through a role in a student organization, by leading a team at work or through athletics, or by volunteering in the community
My Portfolio Create a LinkedIn profile and brush up your resume. Ask for feedback on your professional portfolio from others, and reflect on how you can best tell your story to the world
My Growth Potential Look over your resume of experiences thus far and identify areas of potential growth. What other knowledge, skills, and abilities do you want to gain while at Earlham, and how can you grow in these areas?
My Continuing Education Goals If you are considering applying for graduate or professional school or a fellowship, research potential programs. Write down three programs you’d like to apply to and their application deadlines.

Engage                                                                                                            develop and nurture relationships

My Earlham Network Join the Earlham College Alumni Connection group on LinkedIn. Use the alumni tool on LinkedIn to identify three alumni who work in fields related to what you want to do, and request a connection.
My References Identify three people who could be professional references for you and ask them if they are willing to be a positive reference. Reflect on key experiences and skills you’ve acquired throughout your time at Earlham and share these thoughts with them.
My EPIC Story Practice telling your story to as many people as possible, through practice interviews, elevator pitches, written communications, and more.

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